DIAPASON, the treasury, payment and risk management reference solution for clients of all sizes, is expanding its banking connectivity offer with the implementation of a new API with Citibank, which allows Diapason clients to benefit from real-time access to the position of their bank balances.

The integration of this new API is based on Diapason‘s connectivity hub, DataBridge.  This module centralizes all exchanges and allows our clients to monitor connectivity with their ecosystem and automate their processes.

The Databridge module offers a wide panel of options so that Diapason clients can quickly, securely and cost-effectively connect to various business services. Among supported services are SWIFT (Certified RAHA Connector & Alliance Lite2), host-to-host (SFTP), EBICS TS. Connectors for Market Data Collection (Refinitiv and Bloomberg), e-trading platform (FxAll, 360T, FxGo) and Market Operations Pricing (Bloomberg’s MARS) are also provided. Diapason Features a Microsoft PowerBI connector allowing its clients to create their own value-added dashboards, as well as a connector with Sis ID, a collaborative platform for securing payment data against fraud.

Security is a primary concern for Diapason and DataBridge provides encryption of exchanges and files to guarantee the security of customer data. The wide range of connection options in the DataBridge module meets the requirements of our customers. Diapason is committed to constantly enrich this module, with respect to market standards and client needs.