Serving the transformation of your Treasury

Diapason Professional Services teams are fully committed to their clients, and are dedicated to supporting them at every step of their treasury transformation.
Corporate treasury activities are constantly evolving and developing, as technological and regulatory changes take place. It is with this in mind that Diapason treasury and technology experts accompany you at every step of the life of your information system.

Diapason “as a service”

Benefit from ready to use treasury processes, hosted and maintained for you. Reduce implementation time with a methodology that lets you focus on the core of your business. Manage the total cost of ownership of your information system, taking advantage of an integrated system that meets your daily needs without compromise.

Diapason “on-premises”

Deploy Diapason in your infrastructure and benefit from the functional richness of the solution on your servers. The use of proven implementation methodology, led by experienced teams, ensures the success of your project. Diapason is delivered with a pre-configuration kit which, on one hand, initializes the main business static data (currencies, rates, calendars…), and on the other hand guides you in setting up your processes.

Diapason Academy: train yourself, train your team

The Diapason Academy offers a training catalog that covers all functionalities of the treasury management platform, to support the change management in the context of the Diapason implementation, or to upgrade a team member. Led by recognized professionals in the treasury area, training sessions are completed by practical cases. They can be provided as in-company training on your premises, or as multi-company training courses on our premises.
Tailor-made trainings can also be organized on request.

Benefit from a flawless support

The teams that provide the Diapason support bring you a valuable operational support and a perfect security in the use of your treasury solution.
Combining the know-how of experienced professionals of the Treasury function with the rigor of leading technological experts, the Diapason support contributes to making its users privileged actors of their function.
In addition, Diapason upgrades are regularly made available, providing the client community with answers to their functional enhancement and extension requests, in compliance with the quality objectives and the road map established in partnership with the solution users.

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